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Massage & Spa Services

Serene Spaces offers a full-range of body, skin, and nail services to meet your needs.

Our therapists are trained in a variety of massage therapies to focus on the type of attention your body needs. Research shows that a professional massage can improve circulation and restore energy levels. In addition, our body treatments and wraps are essential for stimulating blood flow or ridding the body of harmful toxins.



Our therapeutic massages incorporate a variety of techniques to help promote relaxation, increase circulation, and reduce stress.  Whether your preference is a gentle full-body massage or extra attention paid to areas that require a particular focus, we will tailor a treatment to best accommodate you.

All therapists are licensed by the State of Ohio Medical Board to ensure consistent and professional treatment.

Serene Signature Massage

The Ultimate in  Relaxation!
A truly customized mixture of aroma therapy and diverse massage techniques is established after a consultation with your therapist.  They will work with you to determine the preeminent solution for your specific needs.     

60 min          $80
90 min        $110

Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage

A more intensive form of massage that releases chronic patterns of tension in the body through slow strokes and deep pressure on contracted areas.  Specifically designed to aid injury recovery and relieve pain, this deep pressure muscle therapy offers the maximum release of overall tension.  Due to the release of toxins, you may feel some discomfort and tenderness after your massage.

50 min          $75

Hot Stone Massage

Our specially trained therapists bring you to a new level of relaxation as  hot basalt stones are utilized to relieve stiffness and soreness.  The heat energy from the stones allow the therapist to work deeper on muscles for a truly relaxing experience. 

90 min         $115

Aromatherapy Massage

With long, flowing, kneading strokes, specially formulated blends of essential oils are massaged into the soft tissues of your body.  Choose one of six different blends to create your own decadent massage.  Each oil has a unique therapeutic effect, while the massage encourages new cell growth, improves blood circulation and eliminates extra body fluids to soothe mind and body. 

50 min          $65

Swedish Massage

This classic Swedish Massage incorporates long fluid strokes of varying depth and pressure to enhance the body’s natural functioning.  It improves muscle tone, circulation, and joint flexibility.

50 min          $65

Maternity or Post-Natal Massage

Designed for maximum comfort; relieving many of the physical & mental stresses unique to the expectant or new mother alike.  As you are cradled by pillows your massage therapist reaches deeply stressed areas as your baby relaxes in the womb, or with their father.  This massage is beneficial throughout the childbearing year as it aids in relief of low back discomfort, supports ligament changes, eases water retention, improves circulation and helps speed the healing process. 

50 min          $60

Tension Tamer

Revive and relax with a mini-massage concentrating on the areas were stress affects you the most.  Great for people on the go or a spur of the moment quick break at lunch – just tell us what you need.

25 min          $35

Dual Escape - Four Hand Massage

Because four hands are better then two!!!!  This treatment is preformed by two therapists working in a synchronized rhythm to bring you to a deeper level of relaxation. Going above and beyond, from head to toe, this is the ultimate massage experience.

60 min        $160

Serene Couples Massage

The perfect way to enjoy Serene Spaces together!  Relax in the privacy of our relaxation room before being treated to simultaneous massages by two separate therapists.  Each person can choose the massage they desire to ensure custom relaxation for each of you.

50 min        $175


Your unique body energy can be nurtured and cared for through the art of massage.  Whether you choose, our Serene, Swedish, Aromatic, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, or Pre-Post Natal Massage, the healing benefits treat your spirit, as well as your body.
Serene Signature Massage
Deep Tissue Theraputic Massage
Hot Stone Massage
Maternity Massage
Tension Tamer Massage
Couples Massage

Body Treatments

Exceptional Skin Care procedures designed for your entire body.  These treatments use various healing touches as well as natural ingredients to create inner calm, renew body and senses, and balance your energy.

Serene Moisturizing Body Polish

Gentle deep cleansing of the body with a herbal body scrub eliminates dead cells, and impurities to reveal rejuvenated, healthier looking skin.  Afterwards a application of revitalizing aroma therapy oils completes the experience.

50 min          $60

Aromatic Body Treatment

Using essential oils this deeply relaxing aromatic heat treatment rids your body of everyday toxins such as smoke, pollution and the effects of an imbalanced diet.  The result is a soft, hydrated skin and a greater sense of well being that calms and balances your energy.

50 min          $60

Full Body Dead Sea Salt Glow        

Journey to the banks of the Dead Sea and experience an invigorating, exfoliating, moisturizing body treatment.  A mixture of scented oils and Dead Sea Salts is applied to the body to stimulate circulation, soften dry elbows and heels, and leave your skin satin-smooth and glowing.

50 min          $60

Detoxifying, exfoliating and regenerating body treatments provide an array of benefits that will compliment any manicure, pedicure, or facial treatment…
Body Polish
Massage Oils


Our Treatments for the face provide immediate soothing skin quenching hydration and the glow of vibrant, healthy skin. All facials also include a relaxing face, head and neck massage to promote balance and inner peace.

Serene European Facial

This comprehensive renewal treatment combines a facial and upper back treatment to promote healthy circulation.  We address your specific skin care need, emphasizing cleansing, exfoliation and hydration.  This treatment releases stress in the shoulders, neck and upper back and ends with a light foot and arm massage.  A truly serene experience from head to toe.

50 min          $65


Multivitamin Facial
A remarkable treatment that joins the latest in vitamin repair with hydroxy acid exfoliation.  Reduces fine lines, strengthens skin elasticity, counteracts photo aging, and restores a youthful appearance.  An excellent treatment with instant results, perfect before a special occasion.

40 min          $55

Re-juvenating facial

A thorough cleansing, toning, exfoliation, massage and perfect masque leave your skin radiant and healthy looking.  This treatment uses products that are fully customized for all skin types: dry, combo, oily.  All types will be assessed and treated accordingly.

40 min          $55

Aromatic Purifying Facial

Engage your senses and address your specific skin care needs with our special custom blend of purifying and calming essential oils.  Facial includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, massage, masque and hydration.  The perfect facial to leave combination or oils skin clean and healthy.

40 min          $55

Acne Corrective Facial

Increase outer peace with this multi-faceted approach to acne.  This customized facial treatment is designed to clear the skin without over drying and irritation.  With special focus on exfoliation and redness reduction, this will help correct, as well as prevent future blemishes.  Includes and a calming masque to balance skin.  Products may be recommended to help control future breakouts.

40 min          $55

Back Facial

Relax while we perform a deep-cleansing treatment for hard-to-reach areas of the back, neck and shoulders.  This cleansing and exfoliation removes impurities, while a light massage and custom masque relaxes tension, purifies and leaves skin soft and smooth.

40 min          $40

Facials and other skin care “wellness” treatments help reduce stress to create healthy skin and combat the signs of aging.

Serene European Facial
European Facial
Multivitamin Facial
Purifying Facia;

Manicures & Pedicures

All services include exfoliation, massage, mask, nail trimming and cuticle grooming, polish and buff.  Manicures and Pedicures can be purchased together or separately to customize your experience. Your Hands, Legs, & Feet will never feel better.

Serene Manicure

This luxurious treatment goes way beyond your expectations.  Treatment includes a hydrating paraffin treatment, warm neck wrap, relaxing arm and hand massage, and choice of polish.  Careful attention is paid to nails and cuticles to leave hands beautiful and younger looking through exfoliation of the skin, and minimizing of the cuticles.  Hands are left visibly softer and smoother. 

40 min          $30

Serene Pedicure

Same pampering as our Serene Manicure but designed for your feet.  Relax in our plush pedicure throne with heated, vibrating pulse points while your feet enjoy total ecstasy  Feet are left looking younger, softer, and smoother.  Your legs and feet will never feel better.

90 min          $55

Nutrient Manicure or Pedicure

 We make use of some of the same treatments from our Multivitamin facial to join vitamin repair with exfoliation.  This treatment counteracts aging by restoring skin elasticity, reducing fine lines, and promotes a more youthful appearance.  Instant results make this a perfect choice for your next special occasion.        

Manicure 40 min $30    Pedicure 60 min $45

Salt Glow Manicure or Pedicure

We visit the Dead Sea again in these luxurious treatments.    This is truly an invigorating experience as we exfoliate, and moisturize with a mixture of scented oils and Dead Sea Salts. When applied to the hands or feet they stimulate circulation, soften dry elbows and heels, and leave your skin satin-smooth and glowing.

Manicure 40 min $30    Pedicure 60 min $45

Gelish Soak-Off Polish

Applies like polish and cures in our LED lamp in 30 seconds. Gelish goes on your natural nail and adds protection and strength. It stays on up to 3 weeks without chipping or peeling and soaks off in 15 minutes.

75 min $30   

Men's Services

Exceptional Skin Care and relaxation shouldn't be reserved for women only.  Therefore we have created a line of services we like to call a Man’s Space at Serene Spaces. These treatments use various healing touches as well as natural ingredients specifically designed for men.    

Men’s Serene  Massage

We utilize a personalized blend of massage oils and techniques designed especially for men.  Massage includes a stress relieving scalp treatment & foot massage.  Techniques used include Trigger Point, Lymphatic drainage, Swedish, Deep Tissue, & Sports Massage.

60 min        $80
90 min     $100

Performance Sports Massage

A special type of massage that is typically used before, during, and after athletic events.  The purpose of this massage is to prepare you for peak performance, drain away fatigue, relieve swelling, reduce tension, promote flex ability, and prevent injuries.

50 min       $75

Foot Reviving Pedicure

Put your best foot forward!  Relax in our heated, massaging, pedicure chair while your feet soak in a bath of mineral salts.  The feet and lower legs are massaged, scrubbed, hydrated and groomed with invigorating products. Guys get over yourself and try it at least once.  You can still wear work boots with pedicure feet, you just won’t believe the way it makes you feel.

60 min        $45

Men’s Grooming Facial

A customized treatment designed to ease redness & irritation from shaving while meeting the particular needs of a mans skin.  A deep through cleansing, toning and exfoliation is combined with a soothing mask to help relieve sensitivity from razor burn, dryness and irritation.    

40 min        $50

Serene Couples Massage

The perfect way to enjoy Serene Spaces together!  Relax in the privacy of our relaxation room before being treated to simultaneous massages by two separate therapists.  Each person can choose the massage they desire to ensure custom relaxation for each of you.

50 min      $175

Restore beauty and suppleness to Hands and Feet with our ultimate skin care experiences.
Serene Manicure
Serene Pedicure
Manicure Chair
Gelish Nails
Nail Maintenance
Men's Serene Massage

Sports Massage

Men's Grooming Facial
Couples Massage
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